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For more than two decades, we have been offering career development services- Resume Writing, Cover Letter Services, Interview Coaching, Social Media Branding, and much more. We have served a lot of clients with their job needs and companies with the requirements of their type of candidates. Whether you are a mid-care professional, a graduate, an IT Professional, senior executive leaders, management, C-suite/ C-level professionals- we help them achieve their individual goals.

We are a skilled, experienced, and trained set of people who are thorough with helping and guiding people with their career that enables them to brand themselves. We help them design a roadmap and a strategy that allows them to land the right job and get more top-class opportunities. We aim to serve each of our clients an individual set of plans with a customized approach as per their needs. We make sure to get the right insights into the company and find suitable candidates for each job vacancy we find.

We are quick and efficient in aiding the candidates with their career needs and land them on their dream job.

Resume Writing Service

We have a team of trained and skilled people for resume writing services that help the candidate land the right job. Are you not getting calls for a face to face interview after submitting your review? Then, perhaps, your resume is not enticing as you thought it to be. Therefore, you must call up Shadow Management Consulting Inc.

Social Media Branding

Candidates are now hired based on their social media profile- especially LinkedIn. LinkedIn is one of the platforms that showcase your life’slife’s professional approach, unlike other platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. Companies study the LinkedIn profile thoroughly to hire the candidate.

Interview Coaching

Do you get nervous while in an interview? Are you scared or feeling unprepared to face an interview? Well, do not worry! Interviews are not as hard as you might believe them to be. Our trained and skilled professionals shall teach and train you with the best techniques to succeed.

Outplacement & Career Transitions

We understand how important a company thinks its employees are. Thus, we provide a hassle-free and efficient service of transitioning the employees. We maintain the brand name, the company, and the employees and help employees transition with an outstanding career and have the right branding and a caching service. We bring a tailored package to the companies that meet their budget.

Why Choose Us?

Detailed Consultation

We prefer to hear our clients first before providing them with a suggestion. From the minute you reach out to us, we aim to understand your needs and the potential to help the candidates land the dream job for themselves.

ATS Optimization

Do you get screened out? Not enough recruiters see your applications. This is because maybe you are not ATS Optimized. It is the software responsible for scanning and optimizes the resume as per SEO.

Quick and Efficient Service

We understand the steps towards a successful career need to be very quick and immediate. Therefore, we make sure to offer the clients a response as quickly as possible.

Constant Updates & Refreshes

You are staying updated with new rules and reforms are so important. Therefore, we understand that it is equally crucial for you to remain upgraded and refreshed to coax your recruiter to hire you.

100% Success Rate

Since we are quick and efficient for our clients and our respective companies, we are regarded as one of the leading groups of professionals to assist a candidate with career guidance.

Tips & Strategies

We have all the tips and tailor-made strategies to help you get the perfect job and land the dream job for yourself. Our professionals help you get all the tricks to enable and train them to perform best at the Interview and seize all the opportunities in front.

Get Top-Class Interview Coaching with 100% Success Rate!

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  • Does Interview Coaching benefit you?
  • Do interviews give you sweat? Do interviews make you nervous?
  • What are the top skills your interviewer is looking for?
  • Do you have your 30-minute speech?
  • Are you aware of situational interviewing and behavioural interviewing?
  • Can you handle the difficult and tricky questions?
  • Do you have the right answer to the salary question?
  • Ready to make that first impression on the recruiter?

Our Interview coaching is for a 60 to 90-minute session- via phone, video call via Zoom, or maybe in-person, whatever suits you. We offer our clients a 14-page exclusive Interview Coaching Guide to inform them and guide them step by step about the Interview. This helps you to analyze and evaluate and work on your interview style. You shall work with a Certified Professional Interview Coach (CEIP) and discover your talent and build your confidence.

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