Our Difference

Our DifferenceUnlike many services we are certified and accredited. Does that matter? Absolutely.

“…Just as you would trust your car mechanic with your car, your accountant with your taxes, and your doctor with your health, you should trust a career expert with your career…”

You deserve 1-on-1 service from a certified expert who will talk to you directly and help you define your unique value added. We don’t do forms. We don’t make you speak to service representatives, sales people, or billing. From the minute you reach out to us, you will be working 1-on-1 to receive the personalized attention you and your career deserves.

As a Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW), I work with you to showcase your uniqueness, highlight your achievements, and make you shine on paper. CPRW’s are specially trained to write effective resumes with a strong ‘WOW’ factor that are ATS-friendly. The complete satisfaction and success of our clients is our #1 priority. Most of our clients use us throughout their careers and refer their friends, family, and colleagues to us.

That’s why we offer our exclusive service guarantee:

Excellent Service: We mean that!: We guarantee that from the minute your speak with us, you will enjoy working with us. Our clients and customer service is our top priority. We always go above-and-beyond your expectations to provide personal, customized, responsive, and excellent quality service.

100% Privacy: We understand that your job search is private, confidential, and discreet. We will never sell your personal information or add you to any annoying spam lists. Additionally, we PRIVATELY store your resume and information in our database. You can be assured that your information is safe with us.

Results: We want and guarantee results! If you have been actively using your resume for over 3 months and have had no calls or interviews, please let us know. We will re-work your resume to determine if we can find another strategy to get you noticed. You will not be disappointed! We do this completely FREE.

Do I really need a professional resume?

Well, is your current resume working for you? If you are not getting phone calls with your current resume and failing to land interviews, a professional resume can make all the different in your job search. Is your resume ATS-optimized and scannable friendly? Just as you may have invested in your education, this branding is a vital tool for your career success.

No matter what career level you may be, positioning your resume for the current market is an important factor to realize job search success both in the short- and long-term. We are masters in career branding and have helped thousands of job seekers in all industries and at all career levels realize their professional and personal dreams.

A few things we have learned over the years and always tell our clients:

  • You have more competencies than you realize
  • You can add value to any role if you are a good fit
  • You deserve to grow professionally
  • You need to increase your visibility

We can help you identify YOUR unique expertise and build your confidence for this job market. Equipped with the right tools, we want you to feel excited for your new career move! Contact us at directly at info@smanagementconsulting.com with your old resume and let me show you how YOU can land those interview calls.